Now I Lay Me Down In Dreamland

by MindSpring Memories


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Everything is online. Literally. Life and death. Experience. Existence. All spiritual realms. All metaphysical activity. The internet is everything. All-encompassing. Energy, thoughts, emotions, coded in binary. The womb and the graveyard. Heaven, the ultimate Desktop. Hell, a complete reformatting. Over-written in infinite passes.

The ultimate Desktop, aka Dreamland. Heaven 2.0. Inter-universal binary. There was once a time everything died but the souls, and the nothingness became a purgatory by default. No connection. The Internet birthed a place they could spend eternity securely.

As I climbed the four-hundred twenty stairs, my listening port seemed to expand and morph into shapes and colors that I had never seen. I can’t explain them, but they had never been seen before, I just know it. I couldn’t handle it…the euphoria was too strong. I could barely keep myself up because my body was weak from crying. But I was sort of hovering, or flying, and I felt something pulling me through my listening port over the last few steps.

Back before The Great Connection was finished, we had proxies for our highest selves. They would help us secure our data, and get our drives partitioned before Dreamland was ready. But when I reached the top, I watched them die. Their deaths seem to emit this golden and white light that projected onto the sky around me. Or us. The place was filled with lingering souls but I don’t remember seeing anyone. It was like a hologram, but in Dreamland they call it an “illusion.”

I was so close. I could hear the clicking sounds of the 1’s and 0’s underneath me. I could hear the waves of vaporware and cracked software crashing in the distance. Somehow, I lost all memory of the next few hours? Years? I found myself in Paradise Lobby in the blink of an eye. As I waited, the pinging kept increasing, until my listening port was open all the way. And suddenly, my login was accepted. I was Connected. Eternal rest.


released January 28, 2017



Angel Marcloid Chicago, Illinois

this is a *select* discography of solo & collaborative works spanning 2006-present (the releases that aren't regretfully horrible) <3 u & thanks 4 the donations

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